Video Clip: 1918 Flu - A virus that killed up to 50 million people is brought back to life to decipher its deadliness.

Chapter 1 - Biology and You
Video Clip: Bird Brains - Clues to the origins of human language are turning up in the brains of birds.

Video Clip: Sunshine Hydrogen - Using sunlight to grow algae that in turn are converted to hydrogen.

Video Clip: Agriculture's Effect on Frogs – Scientist study how agricultural chemicals are affecting the health of frogs.

Video Clip: The Soybean & Steroids – Percy Julian researches the many possible products that can be derived from the soybean, including synthetic human hormones.

Video Clip: Cold Comfort - Some cold remedies may be all in your head. Using the scientific method.

Chapter 2 – Chemistry of Life
Video Clip: Rhino Horn Lab - By analyzing the chemical “fingerprint” of rhino horns, scientists fight against poaching.

Video Clip: Behind the Spray (Watch Chapter 3 from 5:01 through Chapter 4 to 5:25)
Scientists examine the chemical properties of skunk spray samples.

Video Clip: Why Are Peppers Hot? - A chemical called capsaicin makes chili peppers burn our mouth. But scientists discover it can also help ease pain by dulling nerve endings.

Video Clip: Deep Crisis Down East - Is acid rain partly to blame for the dwindling wild salmon stocks in Maine and eastern Canada?

Video Clip: What's Inside Your Fridge? - The chemistry of everyday products

Video Clip: What's Inside Your Mouth? - The chemistry of everyday products

Video Clip: A Tale of Two Species, Blue Blood at $15,000 a Quart - The horseshoe crab’s blood has powerful properties valued by the biomedical industry.

Video Clip: Clotting Agent in Snake Venom - Could a spray made from the clotting agent in the snake’s venom be used to prevent people from bleeding to death after an accident?

Chapter 15 - 18: Principles of Ecology
Video Clip: The Ivory Billed Woodpecker - An enchanting bird believed extinct mysteriously reappears ... maybe.

Video Clip: Devil's Hole Pupfish - In Death Valley, a tiny fish has survived for thousands of years. But now, the Devil’s Hole pupfish may be in trouble.

Video: Silence of the Bees - In the winter of 2006, a strange phenomenon fell upon honeybee hives across the country.

Video Clip: Silence of the Bees Podcast - In this behind-the-scenes podcast, experts remind us why honeybees are so important - and what ordinary citizens can do to help.

Video Clip: The Loneliest Animals, The Importance of Biodiversity - Up to 100 species disappear from the planet each day. Scientists and conservationists discuss the importance of biodiversity.

Video Clip: The Loneliest Animals, The Last Living Pair of Rafetus Turtles - In China, the last female rafetus turtle is about to be introduced to the last male rafetus turtle. The stakes are high: this is literally the last chance the scientists have to save this species.

Video Clips: The Loneliest Animals - Scientists warn that up to 100 species a day are being pushed toward extinction. Sadly, many of these creatures are endangered because of human actions. This program profiles a variety of captive breeding programs, designed to bolster these dwindling animal populations.
Clip 1: Yangtze Giant Soft-Shell Turtle
Clip 2: Sumatran Rhinoceros
Clip 3: Lemurs
Clip 4: Black-Footed Ferret
Clip 5: Imperiled Lives

Video Clip: Green Turtle Recovery Program - In Hawaii, Green sea turtles are drawn here by bountiful seaweed and the black sand beaches that are a favorite basking ground. Hunting and egg harvesting nearly brought the turtles to the brink.

Video: In the Valley of the Wolves - This is the 3-year story of the fall and rise of the most famous wolves in America, their battles against rival wolves, the dramatic twists in fortune that banish them from their valley, and the perseverance and devotion that bring them home.

Video Clip: Wolf Expert Doug Smith on the Yellowstone Wolf Project - Wolf expert Doug Smith discusses the Yellowstone Wolf Project started in 1994. Smith studies wolf population dynamics and how wolves interact with prey and scavenger populations in the park.

Video Clip: Mystery in Alaska  - Are Fisheries Guilty? - In the 1970s, the pollock fishery in Alaska expanded to become the largest in the world. Around the same time, sea lions began to disappear. Was the fishing industry caught with the smoking gun? Is it that simple?

Video Clip: Prairie Comeback - Ecologists work to restore the quintessential American landscape.

Video Clip: A Fish Tale - A big fight over a little fish in the Chesapeake Bay ("A Fish Tale" begins about 1/4 of the way through full episode).         

Video Clip: Green Invader - Alien algae are smothering native marine life and livelihoods in the Mediterranean and in San Diego as well.

Video Clip: Bald Eagles Survive Siege & Rebound - In the 1960s the pesticide DDT and other human pressures brought the bald eagle to the brink of extinction. Following their protection as an endangered species, bald eagles have come roaring back. (Part 2 of full episode.)

Video Clip; Poisoned Waters, Puget Sound - About 150,000 pounds of untreated toxins find their way into Puget Sound each day, threatening endangered species such as orca whales, whose carcasses show high levels of cancer-causing PCBs. (Part 7 of full episode.)


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