APAC Theatre 2011

Asia-Pacific Activities Conference
Pacific Division Theatre Festival
February 23-27, 2011

The APAC Theatre Festival is an annual non-competitive event.  Five schools participated in addition to TCIS:

United Nations International School of Hanoi - Vietnam
Canadian Academy - Japan
Shanghai American School (Puxi) - China
Western Academy of Beijing - China
American International School of Guangzhou - China

Each school presented a short student devised theatre piece of a maximum of 10 minutes on the first day of the festival. Directors from each school taught improvisation and storytelling techniques and helped polish the final product.  Schools were allowed to explore any aspect of the designated theme of Celebrate!  The weekend also included interactive cultural experiences, theatre games, workshops, and ensemble work.  We even traveled to Seoul to see the acclaimed Nanta.  The culminating performance brought together the work of the small ensembles made up of students from each of the schools.

This is the TCIS student devised performance that was presented on the first day of the festival:

TCIS cast members included:
Carlos Andrade
Daniel Blanchard
Heemin Byun
Chris Cho
Rong Han
Ina Kim
Evie Lee
Tanner Midkiff
Jenny Seo
David Song 

There's more about the APAC festival including other school performances at:


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