Introductory Materials

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Movement Activity

Choose and animal and find a clip that allows you to observe your animal's movement.

Unit 1: Rituals

In the movie Dances with Wolves (1990) Kicking Bird and Lt. Dunbar are married in a traditional Lakota Sioux ritual.

Mati Waiya, a Chumash ceremonial leader from the west coast of North America, shares a ritual blessing and dance.  The condor, a large bird of prey is an important animal-spirit in Chumash religious belief.  Can you find connections in his body paint, costume, or action that evokes the image of the condor?

"High Church" Christian Ritual

The first clip is a re-enactment of a marriage mass in the Catholic church from a major motion picture.  The second is a video on the Lutheran Liturgy from a Lutheran Church in the US.

Depiction of Sabbath Prayer 

From the film "Fiddler on the Roof", a story about a small Jewish village in the Russian empire in about 1905.

 The Sin Eater Ritual

The ancient Welsh ritual of the "Sin Eater" arose from the time Wales was separated from the rest of Christian Europe during the early middle ages.  It probably came to be as a corruption of the Catholic Mass or communion  celebration.  In communion Christians remember that Christ took away our sins by taking our sins unto himself on the cross.  In the middle ages the priest often ate and drank the bread and wine rather than it being a shared meal.  The Welsh remembered parts of these catholic traditions and knew the need for salvation, but lost the truth of Christ.  Instead a member of the community was chosen as the "sin eater".  This film is based in part on true stories.

Formative Assignment:

1. Homework Reading:  Read Chapter 1 of Theatre History and answer the questions at the end of the reading.  Submit your assignment as a shared Google Doc titled like this: Chapter1.Your Name.MYP 6.

Share your google doc with me (

2. Describe a formal ritual from your own experience in detail.  Include what the ritual is called, the steps of the ritual, and its meaning.  Submit your assignment in paragraph form as a shared Google Doc titled like this: Formal.Your Name.MYP 6.

Share your google doc with me (

Part 1- Script Analysis: Analyze in at least three complete paragraphs Christopher Durang’s Funeral Parlor
a. What are Susan’s ideas of “funeral parlor rituals”?
b. In what ways does Marcus “violate” these rituals?
c. Why is Funeral Parlor  thought to be funny?
Durang.Your Name.MYP 6

Part 2 - Research: Research a formal ritual from a culture different from your own.  
a. Create a Google presentation with at least 7 slides.
b. Each slide must have a visual AND information.
c. Your presentation should answer the following:
1. Who performs the ritual you researched? 
(Whose culture? Individuals…priest, groom, etc.)
2. Where is it performed? 
                (Where in the world?  Where in the community?)
3. When is the ritual performed? 
                (Time of year or time of life…) 
4. What does the ritual signify or represent?
5. Why is it performed?  
                (Or why is it performed in this way?)
6. How is the ritual performed?  (Step by step!)
d. Cite your sources using proper form on the last slide! 
RitualResearch.Your Name.MYP 6 

Part 3 - Performance: Demonstrate through performance your researched and documented rituals and teach it to the class.  Focus on the concepts of “public solitude”, adding “detail”, and creating a “beginning, middle, and end” to your performance.  The ritual you perform may NOT be from your own cultural background. 

Part 4 - Reflection: In at least one paragraph for each answer the following:
a. Reflect on your performance.  How did you do demonstrating and teaching the ritual you researched? 
b. What were your strengths and weaknesses in this assessment task?
RitualReflection.Your Name.MYP 6

Unit 2: Puppets

Our next unit will involve studying the history of puppets around the world and performing puppet theatre.  To wet your appetites, lets start with a Robert Louis Stevenson classic from English literature performed by some of the most famous puppets in the English speaking world...Jim Hensen's Muppets. (Begin watching after you have completed your Ritual Reflection on Thursday.  Be sure to follow the story line or take notes because understanding the plot will be important for the final test) 

Treasure Island

Puppets Unit Outline

1. Learn about Puppets 

Start by listening to this recording:

        The History of Puppets

Puppets around the world

Punch and Judy - British Puppetry

Japanese Bunraku Puppets

Indonesian Wayang Puppets

        Indian Nokkuvidya Puppetry

        Taiwanese Budaixi Puppets

        History of the Muppets - USA

The Muppet Show Introduction

Swedish Chef clip

             Fozzie Bear clip

2. Learn about Folktale Scripts 

Choose a Whootie Owl -or- Aaron Shep script...

Or you may choose a Bible story OT -or- NT 

You will perform your script for your final project!

3. Build Puppets

Follow these directions: Paper Mache Head Puppets

4. Perform your Folktale script with Puppets 

Assessment Rubric: Use your rubric for more details! 

Puppets Assessment (B) Grade 6.pdf Puppets Assessment (B) Grade 6.pdf
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End of Year Schedule (UPDATED)

May 15 - Finish Painting, Glue on Bodies, Hair & Eyes

May 17 - Finish Painting, Glue on Bodies, Hair & Eyes

Student Comments Due to please share them as a Google Doc - Student Comment.Your Name.MYP 6

May 18 - Puppet Show Rehearsal, Discuss Final Test

May 22 - Puppet Show Rehearsal, Discuss Final Test

May 23 - Performing for Mr. Stanley

May 25 - Performing for Mrs. Stanley

May 30 - Puppet Test (1-23) & Reflection (Choose 2)

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