Introductory Materials

IBMYPDrama8ScopeSequence.pdf IBMYPDrama8ScopeSequence.pdf
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Type : pdf

Create a Google Doc Journal.  

Title your journal

Drama 8 Journal. Your Name

 and share it with me -

Silent Film - Mr. Bean Clip

Watch the following clip in class and answer these questions in your journal.  Title this section "Mr. Bean":

1. How does Mr Bean feel? How do you know?

2. What is Mr Bean thinking? How do you know?

Rowan Atkinson, “Mr Bean Goes to the Swimming Pool” 


Key Elements in Mime.pdf Key Elements in Mime.pdf
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Emotions.pdf Emotions.pdf
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Silent Film - Charlie Chaplin 

Charlie Chaplin "The Circus" - Clip

Charlie Chaplin "The Murphy Bed" - Clip

Charlie Chaplin "Three Short Films"

Journal Assignment

"Webquest" the following websites and answer the following questions in your google doc journal.  Title your work "Chaplin".

American Masters: Charlie Chaplin

1. When was Charlie Chaplin’s first film?  What was it called?

2. What was the name of the character he created and for whom he was best known?

3. What kind of comedy did Chaplin master in the early “silent shorts”?

4. What dies the article's author say made him great?  Explain what this means.

5. Why does the author say that Chaplin was one of the most demanding men in Hollywood?

The Great Chaplin

1. What shot was “The Immigrant” best known for?

2. What does the Tramp find himself looking after in “The Kid”?

3. What were the two “savage” themes of “The Goldrush”?

4. For what film was Chaplin awarded an “Oscar” though its not regarded as among his best films?

5. Which of Chaplin’s films is about a blind flower girl and a millionaire?

At The Construction Site - Clip

1. Describe the action in "At the Construction Site".

2. What is The Tramp's problem at the beginning of the clip?

3. How does he solve his problem?

The Lost Love - Clip

1. What emotions do each of the characters display in Scene 1 of "The Lost Love"?

     The father -

     The suitor (boy inside) -

     The girl - 

     The Tramp -

2. The second scene is really all a dream.  Describe the action in this scene.

3. How does Tramp "win" the girl in the end?

20 Free Charlie Chaplin Films:

Group Pantomime Assessment Resources

Copy  and paste your task sheet into your Google Doc journal.  Complete it as a part of your assessment ->
Group Pantomime Task Sheet.pdf Group Pantomime Task Sheet.pdf
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MYP 8 Group Mime Assessment.pdf MYP 8 Group Mime Assessment.pdf
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Story Structure.pdf Story Structure.pdf
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Group Pantomime Performance Reflection 

Answer these in your Google Doc Journal

1. How well did you work with your group?  Describe your group’s interaction

2. What did your group do well?  What could it have improved?

3. What Strenghths & Weaknesses did you discover as an individual performer?

4. How have you improved yourself during this process? (My Dad’s “what did you learn?” question.)

I will mark your Journals using this MYP criteria/rubric:

Silent Shorts - Formative Assignment

The Last Farm (Includes some dialogue)

Journal Assignment: Watch the films above. Choose one of them to write on.  Write a one paragraph summary (synopsis) and a one paragraph reaction and analysis. (How did the film make you feel?  What mime techniques were used?  What camera shots, angles, moves, etc. did you observe?)  

Film Basics Presentation

Silent Film - Summative Project

Silent movies are movies that have no spoken dialog, allowing the actors to communicate via actions and body language, usually supplemented by background music, subtitles, or both. 

For this project you will create a short  film that incorporates: 
1. Key Elements of Mime (see pdf link above), 
2. An understanding of Story Structure (see pdf link above), and 
3. One example of each of the Basic Film Shots, Angles, and Camera Moves in the presentation below.

Note: I will not accept films that involve guns or gun violence. 
You may upload it onto Youtube, or send or share it with me as an MPEG file.

(I Peter 4:10: Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of the varied grace of God.)

Due Dates

Story Board Completed - Wed 2/27

Finding Costumes/Props/Locations - Mon 3/4

Shooting Schedule Submitted - Mon 3/4

First Day of Shooting - Wed 3/6


Last Day of Shooting - Fri 3/15

iMovie Editing - Wed 3/20

Finished Film - Fri 3/22



Self and Group Assessment: Silent Film Project

A. In your oneline Google Doc journal, take a few moments to reflect on your group's silent film project.  Discuss and evaluate your own engagement in the project in the following areas. If you could give yourself a score from 1-4 with 1 being poor and 4 being excellent,  how would you rate yourself in each of these areas?  Please be honest. 

  1. Participation in the planning process
  2. Effort and focus during rehearsals
  3. Mime Acting skills
  4. Cooperation and effort during filming
  5. Did a fair amount of work during editing
  6. Supports and encourages other group members
  7. Their overall performance as a group member

B. Now consider your group’s work and attitude in the planning and rehearsals steps of the project. Discuss and evaluate your group as a whole in each of the above areas on a scale from from 1-4. Was there someone in your group that stood out as being a great contributor? 

C. Write an accurate analysis of your completed work. What are its strengths and its weaknesses in terms of the story, editing and acting? 

D. If you had to do this project again what would you do different to improve your work?

Review of Camera Work

Camera Angles and Techniques (Demonstrates Variety)

Basic Shots

Filmmaking Techniques (Student Review of Basics)

"Scrubs" (Use of high and low angle shots)

Pan, tilt, zoom (examples)

Panning shot  ("Forgive everything" - Moulin Rouge)

Shawshank (Establishing shot)

Pan Shot (Example)


Basic Shot Types (Example of a Sequence)

Sequence - Moulin Rouge (Come What May)

Sequence - Moulin Rouge (Death of Satine)

Link to Mask Unit

Link to Folktale Unit

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