Focus for the class: Theatre History

Greek Theatre Resources

Accompanying Assignment: 
Read Chapter 2 of Theatre History I 
(See link on the menu to the left or as a .pdf file click here)

2. Examples of Greek Tragedies in Performance:

Cornell Univ Antigone Production Video Clips


Kennedy Center Medea Production Video Clips

Here is the rest of the Medea clips in all of their horror.  Warning: They take a long time to patient!  Happy (or perhaps I should say "tragic") watching. 

Note: Each clip is about 10 minutes long. 

Part A-D In Class

Part E - Watch Online Here

Part F - Watch Online Here

Part G - Watch Online Here

Part H - Watch Online Here

Medieval Drama

1. Reading Assignment:

Read Chapter 4 of Theatre History I 
(See link on the menu to the left or as a .pdf file click here)

Restoration Comedy

Greek Costume Assignment

Research an ancient Greek costume a character from the play you are researching might wear on the following pages. 

Based on your research:

  1. Create a sketch of your costume in your developmental workbook as it would appear on your character.
  2. Create a “pattern” to construct your costume in your developmental workbook. 
  3. Use markers or watercolors to color your sketch however you would like your costume to be dyed.  Note: For lighting purposes you may not have your costume be bright white.

Ancient Greek Costumes by Paul Anderson

Ancient Greek and Roman Costume by Pauline W. Thomas

Greek, Prof. Scott Robinson, Central WA Univ.

Costumer's Manifesto by Tara Maginnis

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