Focus for the class: Acting

1. What is Drama?  What is Acting?

2. Voice Work


tongue twisters.pdf tongue twisters.pdf
Size : 20.548 Kb
Type : pdf
Fox in Sox.doc Fox in Sox.doc
Size : 35.5 Kb
Type : doc

3. Memorization
A resource for helping you memorize your lines:

memory for acting.pdf memory for acting.pdf
Size : 0.058 Kb
Type : pdf

4. Method Acting

MYP Drama 8 Scenes.pdf MYP Drama 8 Scenes.pdf
Size : 33.423 Kb
Type : pdf
Contentless Scenes.pdf Contentless Scenes.pdf
Size : 24.726 Kb
Type : pdf

Assignment: Read the online text. (Click on the title below) -

Konstantin Stanislavsky and The Method

Complete the Reading Worksheet on Constantine Stanislavsky based on you reading and the class presentation.

StanislavskyWksht.pdf StanislavskyWksht.pdf
Size : 70.776 Kb
Type : pdf

Complete the Given Circumstances Worksheet based on your script and for YOUR character
.  (If you have two or more characters, choose the one with the most lines.)

GivenCircumstancesWksht.pdf GivenCircumstancesWksht.pdf
Size : 52.025 Kb
Type : pdf
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